Masechta Gitten


Masechta Nedarim


Masechta Kesubos

Kesubos 1:1-2
Kesubos 1:3-4
Kesubos 1:5-6
Kesubos 1:7-8
Kesubos 1:9-10
Kesubos 2:1-2
Kesubos 2:3-4
Kesubos 2:5-6
Kesubos 2:7-8
Kesubos 2:9-10
Kesubos 3:1-2
Kesubos 3:3-4
Kesubos 3:5-6
Kesubos 3:7-8
Kesubos 3:9-4:1
Kesubos 4:2-3
Kesubos 4:4-5
Kesubos 4:6-7
Kesubos 4:8-9
Kesubos 4:10-11
Kesubos 4:12-5:1
Kesubos 5:2-3
Kesubos 5:4-5
Kesubos 5:6-7
Kesubos 5:8-9
Kesubos 6:1-2
Kesubos 6:3-4
Kesubos 6:5-6
Kesubos 6:7-7:1
Kesubos 7:2-3
Kesubos 7:4-5
Kesubos 7:6-7
Kesubos 7:8-9
Kesubos 7:10-8:1
Kesubos 8:2-3
Kesubos 8:4-5
Kesubos 8:6-7
Kesubos 8:8-9:1
Kesubos 9:2-3
Kesubos 9:4-5
Kesubos 9:6-7
Kesubos 9:8-9
Kesubos 10:1-2
Kesubos 10:3-4
Kesubos 10:5-6
Kesubos 11:1-2
Kesubos 11:3-4
Kesubos 11:5-6
Kesubos 12:1-2
Kesubos 12:3-4
Kesubos 13:1-2
Kesubos 13:3-4
Kesubos 13:5-6
Kesubos 13:7-8
Kesubos 13:9-10

Siyum Seder Zeraim

Two Mishnas a Day – The Olam Habbah Project

Welcome to the 2 Mishnas a day project – otherwise

known as the Olam Habbah project.

As the Tonoh Dbei Eliyahu said ‘Kol Hashona Halochos bchol yom muvtach lo
shehu ben olam haboh'”

All you need, is to find the time in your busy schedule to learn two
mishnayios a day, and you can slowly but surely gain basic knowledge in all
of the Shisha Sidrei Mishnah.

To be sure, there are other Mishna Yomis programs out there. But we aim to
be a bit unique.

Our goal is not only to finish Shisha Sidrei Mishna in under 6 years, but to
learn every single day. To this end we established a knas, or fine, system.

Every day that you miss learning the 2 mishnayos you are subject to a two
dollar fine. The money goes to Tzedakah. The knas system is a way of showing
our commitment to learn at least a little bit every single day.

Additionally we have quite a unique email system. Twice a day – except for
Shabbos and Yom Tov when its only once a day – an email gets sent out with
the actual text of the Mishna and the English translation of that Mishna.
Additionally the email provides you PDF links to the Mishnayos (with the
Ra”vs explanation) with English translation, and an audio link of that days