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[But if the depositor says] `where is my deposit?` and the Bailee replies: `it was stolen` [and the depositor then says] I put it to you on oath, and the Bailee replies, Amen, if witnesses testify against him that he himself had stolen it he has to repay double, whereas if he confesses on his own accord he has to repay the principal together with a Fifth and bring a trespass offering.  קמא 9.8 
איכן פקדוני, ואמר לו נגנב, משביעך אני, ואמר אמן, והעדים מעידים אותו, שגנבו-- משלם תשלומי כפל; ואם הודה מעצמו-- משלם קרן, וחומש, ואשם
If a man robbed his father and, [when charged by him,] denied it on oath, and [the father afterwards] died, he would have to repay the principal and a Fifth [and a trespass offering] to his [father`s] children or to his [father`s] brothers; but if he is unwilling to do so, or he has nothing with him, he should borrow [the amount from others and perform the duty of restoration to any of the specified relatives] and the creditors can subsequently come and [demand to] be paid [the portion which would by law have belonged to the robber as heir].  קמא 9.9 
הגוזל אביו ונשבע לו, ומת-- הרי זה משלם קרן וחומש לבניו או לאחיו׃ ואם אינו רוצה, או שאין לו-- לווה, ובעלי החוב באים ונפרעים

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