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פרק א משנה ד
בהמה גסה A large animal
נקנית במסירה is acquired by being handed over (by its reins or hair),
ובהמה דקה and a small animal
בהגבהה by being lifted,
דברי רבי מאיר ורבי אליעזר these are the words of Rabbi Meir and Rabbi Eliezer;
 וחכמים אומרים and the Sages say
בהמה דקה a small animal [is acquired]
נקנית במשיכה by being pulled.
פרק א משנה ה
נכסים שיש להן אחריות

Property that can be encumbered [by a lender's lien]

נקנין בכסף ובשטר ובחזקה are acquired with money, with a document, or with an act of possession,
ושאין להם אחריות and [property] that cannot be encumbered
אין נקנין אלא במשיכה cannot be acquired except by being pulled (or mesirah or hagbaah).
נכסים שאין להם אחריות Property that cannot be encumbered
נקנין עם נכסים שיש להם אחריות can be acquired together with property that can be encumbered
בכסף ובשטר ובחזקה with money, with a document, or with an act of possession.
וזוקקין נכסים שאין להם אחריות And property that cannot be encumbered will obligate one,
את הנכסים שיש להם אחריות [regarding] property that can be encumbered,
לישבע עליהן to swear about them.


משנה ד

To affect a קנין, one must use the best method to do so for the given situation.  Of the three methods listed in this mishna, הגבהה, or raising up the item to be acquired, is considered best, and so רבי מאיר and רבי אליעזר require it when acquiring a small animal, and rule that it is insufficient to merely perform משיכה, which literally means pulling, but includes making the animal move by any means, such as pushing, prodding, riding or calling .  The חכמים however, hold that משיכה is sufficient for all but the smallest animals (such as fowl), as they grip the ground and resist being lifted. 

משנה ה

נכסים שיש להן אחריות - This includes both קרקע and anything מחובר לקרקע.

ובחזקה - With regards to land, this would include digging in the land a little bit, fencing it or breaching its fence before the transferor. 

וזוקקין . . . לישבע עליהן - Even though the general rule is אין נשבעין על הקרקעות, if there is litigation involving both מטלטלין and קרקע, and a party is required to swear about the מטלטלין, they can be required to swear about the קרקע as well.


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