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One who initially finds [one] corpse buried normally, he [may] move it and its surrounding dirt. [If] he found two, he [may] move them along with their surrounding dirt. [If] he found three: if there are four to eight cubits from one to the next, this is a graveyard. He checks from it twenty cubits outward. [If] he found one [corpse] twenty cubits away, he checks from this one twenty cubits outward. This matter has a leg on which to stand, even though, had he found this one first, he [could] move it and its surrounding dirt.

 נזיר 9.3
 המוצא מת בתחלה משכב כדרכו, נוטלו ואת תבוסתו. מצא שנים, נוטלן ואת תבוסתן. מצא שלשה, אם יש בין זה לזה מארבע אמות ועד שמנה, הרי זו שכונת קברות. בודק הימנו ולהלן עשרים אמה. מצא אחד בסוף עשרים אמה, בודק הימנו ולהלן עשרים אמה, שרגלים לדבר, שאלו מתחלה מצאו, נוטלו ואת תבוסתו:

Initially, any doubt about negaim (diseased patches on skin, clothes, or houses that create impurity) is [ruled as] pure as long as it has not been declared impure. Once it is declared impure, doubts about it are [ruled as] impure. We investigate a zav (a male who has certain types of atypical genital discharges, which render him impure) about seven categories before he is declared as having discharge: about food, drink, lifting, jumping, sickness, visual stimuli, and thoughts. From the time he is declared as having discharge, we do not investigate him. His accidental [discharges], doubtful [discharges], and seminal discharges are [considered] impure because the matter has a leg on which to stand. One who hits his fellow and they estimate that he will die, and then he improves from what was: If after that it degrades and he dies, he [the one who struck] is liable. Rabbi Nechemia says, "He is exempt because the matter has a leg on which to stand".

 נזיר 9.4
כל ספק נגעים בתחלה, טהור עד שלא נזקק לטמאה. משנזקק לטמאה, ספקו טמא. בשבעה דרכים בודקין את הזב עד שלא נזקק לזיבה. במאכל, ובמשתה, במשא, ובקפיצה, ובחלי, ובמראה, ובהרהור. משנזקק לזיבה, אין בודקין אותו. אנסו וספקו ושכבת זרעו, טמאין, שרגלים לדבר. המכה את חברו ואמדוהו למיתה, והקל ממה שהיה, לאחר מכאן הכביד ומת, חיב. רבי נחמיה אומר, פטור, שרגלים לדבר:

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