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If a man has robbed another, or borrowed money from him, or received a deposit from him in an inhabited place, he may not restore it to him in the wilderness; [but if the transaction was originally made] upon the stipulation that he was going into the wilderness, he may make restoration even while in the wilderness.  קמא 10.6
הגוזל את חברו, או שלווה הימנו, או שהפקיד אצלו ביישוב-- לא יחזיר לו במדבר; על מנת לצאת למדבר, יחזיר לו במדבר
If one man says to another, `I have robbed you, I have borrowed money from you, I received a deposit from you but I do not know whether I have [already] restored it to you or not,` He has to make restitution. But if he says, `I do not know whether I have robbed you, whether I have borrowed money from you, whether I received a deposit from you,` He is not liable to make restitution. קמא 10.7
האומר לחברו, גזלתיך, והלוותני, הפקדת אצלי, ואיני יודע אם החזרתי לך אם לא החזרתי-- חייב לשלם; אבל איני יודע אם גזלתיך, אם הלוותני, אם הפקדת אצלי אם לא הפקדת-- פטור מלשלם

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