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If one misappropriated an animal and it became old, or slaves and they became old, he would have to pay according to [the value at] the time of the robbery. R. Meir, however, says that in the case of slaves he might say to the owner: here, take your own. If he misappropriated a coin and it became cracked, fruits and they became stale or wine and it became sour, he would have to pay according to [the value at] the time of the robbery. But if the coin went out of use, the Terumah became defiled, the leaven forbidden [for any use because] Passover had intervened, or if the animal [He misappropriated] became the instrument for the commission of a sin or it became otherwise disqualified from being sacrificed upon the altar, or if it was taken out to be stoned, he can say to him: `here, take your own.`  קמא 9.2
גזל בהמה והזקינה, עבדים והזקינו-- משלם כשעת הגזילה; רבי מאיר אומר, יאמר לו בעבדים, הרי עבדך לפניך׃ גזל מטבע ונסדק, פירות והרקיבו, יין והחמיץ-- משלם כשעת הגזילה׃ מטבע ונפסל, תרומה ונטמאת, חמץ ועבר עליו הפסח, בהמה ונעברה בה עבירה, או שנפסלה מעל גבי המזבח, או שהייתה יוצאה ליסקל-- אומר לו, הרי שלך לפניך
If an owner gave craftsmen [some articles] to set in order and they spoilt them, they would be liable to pay. Where he gave a joiner a chest, a box or a cupboard set in order and he spoilt it, he would be liable to pay. If a builder undertook to pull down a wall and broke the stones or damaged them, he would be liable to pay, but if while he was pulling down the wall on one side another part fell on another side, he would be exempt, though, if it was caused through the knocking, he would be liable.  קמא 9.3
נתן לאומנין לתקן, וקילקלו-- חייבין לשלם׃ נתן לחרש שידה תיבה ומגדל לתקן, וקילקל-- חייב לשלם׃ הבנאי שקיבל עליו את הכותל לסותרו, ושיבר את האבנים או שהזיק-- חייב לשלם׃ היה סותר מצד זה, ונפל מצד אחר-- פטור; ואם מחמת המכה, חייב

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