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A wife`s find and her handiwork belong to her husband. And [of] Her inheritance he has the usufruct during her lifetime. [Any compensation for] an indignity or blemish [that may have been inflicted upon] her belongs to her. R. Judah b. Bathyra ruled: when in privacy she receives two-thirds [of the compensation] while he receives one-third, but when in public he receives two-thirds and she receives one-third. His share is to be given to him forthwith, but with hers land is to be bought and he enjoys the usufruct.

 כתובות 6.1
מציאת האישה ומעשה ידיה, של בעלה; וירושתה׃ הוא אוכל פירות בחייה׃ בושתה ופגמה, שלה׃ רבי יהודה אומר, בזמן שבסתר-- לה שני חלקים, ולו אחד; ובזמן שבגלוי-- לו שני חלקים, ולה אחד׃ ושלו, נותנין לו מיד; ושלה-- יילקח בהן קרקע, והוא אוכל פירות

If a man undertook to give a fixed sum of money to his son-in-law and his son-in-law died, he may, the Sages ruled, say `I was willing to give [the mentioned sum] to your brother but I am unwilling to give it to you`.

 כתובות 6.2
הפוסק מעות לחתנו, ומת-- אמרו חכמים, יכול הוא שיאמר, לאחיך הייתי רוצה, ולך אי אפשי ליתן

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