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[If] one sells wine or oil to another and it has become dearer or cheaper, if the measure has not yet been filled, [the benefit or loss is] the seller`s. After the measure has been filled, [the benefit or loss is] the buyer`s. If there was a middleman between them [and] the cask was broken [before delivery to the buyer], the loss is the middleman`s. [A seller] must [in favour of the buyer] allow three drops to fall [from the sides of his vessel into that of the buyer after the liquid has been poured out]. If he inclined the vessel [after the three drops have been allowed to fall] the accumulation of the remnants [from its sides] belongs to the seller. A shopkeeper is not obliged to allow the three drops to fall. R. Judah said: on Sabbath Eve towards dusk one is exempt. בתרא 5.8
המוכר יין ושמן לחברו, והוקרו או שהוזלו-- עד שלא נתמלאת המידה, למוכר; משנתמלאת המידה, ללוקח׃ היה סרסור ביניהם, ונשברה החבית-- נשברה לסרסור׃ וחייב להטיף שלוש טיפין; הרכינה ומיצת, הרי של מוכר׃ החנווני חייב להטיף לו שלוש טיפין; רבי יהודה אומר, ערב שבת עם חשיכה, פטור
If a person sends his [little] son to a shopkeeper [to whom he had previously given a dupondium], and [the shopkeeper] measured out for him oil for one isar and gave him the [other] isar, [and on his way home the child] broke the bottle [which his father had sent with him] and lost the isar [given him as change], the shopkeeper is [liable for all the losses.] R. Judah absolves [the shopkeeper], since for that purpose [the father] had sent him [the child] but the Sages agree with R. Judah that in the case when the bottle was in the hand of the child, and the shopkeeper measured out into it, the shopkeeper is absolved. בתרא 5.9
השולח בנו אצל החנווני, ומדד לו באיסר שמן, ונתן לו את האיסר, ושבר את הצלוחית, ואיבד את האיסר-- החנווני חייב; רבי יהודה פוטר, שעל מנת כן שלחו׃ ומודים חכמים לרבי יהודה, בזמן שהצלוחית ביד התינוק, ומדד החנווני לתוכה-- החנווני פטור

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