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A man may stipulate [to receive payment instead of eating] for himself, his son or daughter that are of age, his manservant and maidservant that are of age, and his wife; because they have understanding. But he may not stipulate [thus] for his son or daughter that are minors, his manservant or maidservant that are minors, nor in respect of his beasts; because they have no understanding.  מציעא 7.6
קוצץ אדם על ידי עצמו, ועל ידי בנו ובתו הגדולים, ועל ידי עבדו ושפחתו הגדולים, ועל ידי אשתו-- מפני שיש בהן דעת׃ אבל אינו קוצץ לא על ידי בנו ובתו הקטנים, ולא על ידי עבדו ושפחתו הקטנים, ולא על ידי בהמתו-- מפני שאין בהן דעת
If one engages labourers to work upon his Fourth Year plantings, they may not eat; but if he did not inform them [that they were of the Fourth Year], he must redeem [the fruit] and let them eat it. If his fig-Cakes were broken, or his Barrels of wine burst open, they may not eat. But if he did not inform them, he must tithe [the fruit or wine] and let them partake [thereof].  מציעא 7.7
השוכר את הפועלין לעשות עימו בנטע רבעי שלו, הרי אלו לא יאכלו; ואם לא הודיעם, פודה ומאכילן׃ נתפרסו עיגוליו, ונתפתחו חבייותיו-- הרי אלו לא יאכלו; ואם לא הודיעם, מעשר ומאכילם

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