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If while an ox [sentenced to death] is being taken out to be stoned its owner declares it sacred, it does not become sacred; if he slaughters it, its flesh is forbidden [for any use]. If, however. Before the sentence has been pronounced the owner consecrates it, it is consecrated, and if he slaughters it, its flesh is permitted [for food].  קמא 4.8
שור שהיה יוצא להיסקל, והקדישו בעליו-- אינו מוקדש; ואם שחטו, בשרו אסור׃ ואם עד שלא נגמר דינו, והקדישו בעליו-- מוקדש; ואם שחטו, בשרו מותר
If the owner hands over his cattle to an Unpaid Bailee or to a borrower, to a paid Bailee or to a Hirer, they enter into all liabilities in lieu of the owner: in the case of Mu`ad the payment would have to be in full, whereas in the case of Tam half damages would be paid. 
If the owner fastened his ox [to the wall inside the stable] with a cord, or shut the door in front of it in the ordinary way but the ox got out and did damage, whether it had been Tam or already Mu`ad, he would be liable; this is the ruling of R. Meir. R. Judah, however, says: in the case of Tam he would be liable, but in the case of Mu`ad he would be exempt, since it is written, and his owner hath not kept him in, [thus excluding this case where] it was kept in. R. Eliezer says: no precaution is sufficient [for Mu`ad] save the [slaughter] knife.
 קמא 4.9
מסרו לשומר חינם, ולשואל, לנושא שכר, ולשוכר-- נכנסו תחת הבעלים׃ יצא והזיק-- מועד, משלם נזק שלם; ותם, משלם חצי נזק׃ קשרו בעליו במוסרה, ונעל בפניו כראוי, ויצא והזיק-- אחד תם ואחד מועד, חייב, דברי רבי מאיר׃ רבי יהודה אומר, תם, חייב; ומועד, פטור-- שנאמר ''ולא ישמרנו, בעליו''  (שמות כא,לו) , שמור הוא זה׃ רבי אליעזר אומר, אין לו שמירה אלא סכין

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