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The daughters of Zelophehad took three shares in the inheritance [of Canaan]: the share of their father who was of those who came out of Egypt, and his share among his brothers in the possessions of Hepher, [which consisted of two], since he was a firstborn son [who] takes two shares.  בתרא 8.3
בנות צלופחד נטלו שלושה חלקים בנחלה-- חלק אביהם שהיה מיוצאי מצריים, וחלקו עם אחיו בנכסי חפר; ושהיה בכור, ונטל שני חלקים
Both a son and a daughter have equal rights of succession. Except that a son [when Firstborn] takes a double portion in the estate of his father but does not take it in the estate of his mother. Daughters must be maintained out of the estate of their [deceased] father but not out of the estate of their [deceased] mother.  בתרא 8.4
אחד הבן ואחד הבת בנחלה-- אלא שהבן נוטל פי שניים מנכסי האב, ואינו נוטל פי שניים מנכסי האם; והבנות ניזונות מנכסי האב, ואינן ניזונות מנכסי האם

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