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These are to be divorced without receiving their Kethubah: a wife who transgresses the Law of Moses or [one who transgresses] Jewish practice. And what is [regarded as a wife`s transgression against] the Law of Moses? Feeding her husband with untithed food, having intercourse with him during the period of her menstruation, not setting apart her dough offering, or making vows and not fulfilling them. And what [is deemed to be a wife`s transgression against] Jewish practice? Going out with uncovered head, spinning in the street or conversing with every man. Abba Saul said: [such transgressions include] also that of a wife who curses her husband`s parents in his presence. R. Tarfon said: also one who screams. And who is regarded a screamer? A woman whose voice can be heard by her neighbours when she speaks inside her house.

 כתובות 7.6 
אלו יוצאות שלא בכתובה-- העוברת על דת משה, ויהודית׃ איזו היא דת משה-- מאכילתו שאינו מעושר, ומשמשתו נידה, ולא קוצה לה חלה, ונודרת ואינה מקיימת׃ איזו היא דת יהודית-- יוצאה וראשה פרוע, וטווה בשוק, ומדברת עם כל אדם׃ אבא שאול אומר, אף המקללת יולדיו בפניו׃ רבי טרפון אומר, אף הקולנית

If a man betrothed a woman on condition that she was not subject to any vows and she was found to be under a vow, Her betrothal is invalid. If he married her without making any conditions and she was found to be under a vow, she may be divorced without receiving her Kethubah. [If a woman was betrothed] on condition that she has no bodily defects, and she was found to have such defects, Her betrothal is invalid. If he married her without making any conditions and she was found to have bodily defects, she may be divorced with out a Kethubah. All defects which disqualify priests disqualify women also.

 כתובות 7.7 
המקדש את האישה על מנת שאין עליה נדרים, ונמצאו עליה נדרים-- אינה מקודשת; כנסה סתם, ונמצאו עליה נדרים-- תצא שלא בכתובה׃ על מנת שאין בה מומין, ונמצאו בה מומין-- אינה מקודשת; כנסה סתם, ונמצאו בה מומין-- תצא שלא בכתובה׃ שכל המומין הפוסלין בכוהנים, פוסלין בנשים

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