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These are maidens to whom the fine is due. If anyone had intercourse with a mamzereth, a Nethinah, a Cuthean, or with a proselyte [maiden] a captive, or a slave-woman, who was redeemed, converted, or freed [when she was] under the age of three years and one day. If one had intercourse with his sister, with the sister of his father, with the sister of his mother, with the sister of his wife, with the wife of his brother, with the wife of the brother of his father, or with a woman during menstruation, he has to pay the fine, [for] although these [transgressions] are punished through [the transgressor] being cut off, there is not, with regard to them, a death [penalty] [inflicted] By the court.

 כתובות 3.1
ואלו נערות שיש להן קנס׃ הבא על הממזרת, ועל הנתינה, ועל הכותית; הבא על הגיורת, ועל השבויה, ועל השפחה, שנפדו, ושנתגיירו, ושנשתחררו פחותות מבנות שלוש שנים ויום אחד׃ הבא על אחותו, ועל אחות אביו, ועל אחות אימו, ועל אחות אשתו, ועל אשת אחיו, ועל אשת אחי אביו, ועל הנידה-- יש להם קנס׃ שאף על פי שהן בהיכרת, אין בהן מיתת בית דין

And in the following cases no fine is involved: if a man had intercourse with a female proselyte, a female captive or a bondwoman, who was ransomed, proselytized or manumitted after the age of three years and a day. R. Judah ruled: if a female captive was ransomed she is deemed to be in her virginity even if she be of age. A man who had intercourse with his daughter. His daughter`s daughter, his son`s daughter. His wife`s daughter. Her son`s daughter or her daughter`s daughter incurs no fine, because he forfeits his life, the death penalties of such transgressors being in the hands of Beth Din, and he who forfeits his life pays no monetary fine for it is said in Scripture, and yet no harm follow he shall be surely fined.

 כתובות 3.2
ואלו שאין להן קנס׃ הבא על הגיורת, ועל השבויה, ועל השפחה, שנפדו, ושנתגיירו, ושנשתחררו יתרות על בנות שלוש שנים ויום אחד; רבי יהודה אומר, שבויה שנפדת-- הרי היא בקדושתה, אף על פי שהיא גדולה׃ הבא על בתו, ועל בת בתו, ועל בת בנו, ועל בת אשתו, ועל בת בתה, ועל בת בנה-- אין להן קנס׃ מפני שהוא מתחייב בנפשו, שמיתתו בידי בית דין; וכל המתחייב בנפשו-- אינו משלם ממון, שנאמר ''ולא יהיה, אסון-- ענוש ייענש''  (שמות כא,כב

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