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If he did not write in her favour [the clause], if you are taken captive I will ransom you and take you again as my wife,` or, in the case of a priest`s wife, ` will restore you to your parental home`, he is nevertheless liable [to carry out these obligations], because [the clause] is a condition laid down by Beth Din.

 כתובות 4.8
לא כתב לה דאם תשתביין, אפרוקניך ואתבניך לי לאנתו, ובכוהנת אהדרניך למדינתיך-- חייב׃ שהוא תנאי בית דין

If she is taken captive it is his duty to ransom her; and if he said, `here is her letter of divorce and her Kethubah let her ransom herself`, he is not allowed [to act accordingly]. If she sustained an injury it is his duty to provide for her medical treatment, but if he said, here is her letter of divorce and her Kethubah, let her heal herself`, he is allowed [to act in accordance with his desire].

 כתובות 4.9
נשבת, חייב לפדותה; אמר הרי גיטה וכתובתה, תפדה את עצמה-- אינו רשאי׃ לקת, חייב לרפותה; אמר הרי גיטה וכתובתה, תרפא את עצמה-- רשאי

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