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Had one left sons [who were] of age and minors, [and] those [who were] of age improved the estate, they improved [it] for the common good. If, [however] they said, see what [our] father has left; we desire to cultivate [our own shares] and to enjoy the profits. The proceeds belong to them. Likewise. [In the case where] the wife had effected improvements in the estate, she improved [it] for the common good. If, [however].she said, `see what my husband has left me; I desire to cultivate [my share] and to enjoy the benefits`, the proceeds belong to her.  בתרא 9.3
הניח בנים גדולים וקטנים, השביחו הגדולים את הנכסים-- השביחו לאמצע; אם אמרו ראו מה שהניח לנו אבא, הרי אנו עושין ואוכלין-- השביחו לעצמן׃ וכן האישה שהשביחה את הנכסים, השביחה לאמצע; אם אמרה ראו מה שהניח לי בעלי, הרי אני עושה ואוכלת-- השביחה לעצמה
If one of the brothers who are partners [in the inherited estate] was appointed to a government post the income from the appointment is to be equally divided between all the brothers. [If one of them] contracted a disease and had himself cured, the [expenses of the] cure [must be defrayed] out of his own. 
If some of the brothers have bestowed gifts as groomsmen in the lifetime of [their] father [when] the wedding gifts are reciprocated they revert to the common funds of the estate; for [the reciprocation of] wedding gifts may be claimed through a court of law. If, however, one has sent to his Friend jars of wine or jars of oil,He cannot claim them through a court of law, because [the presentations of] such [gifts] are [mere acts of] lovingkindness.
 בתרא 9.4
האחים והשותפין שנפל אחד מהם לאומנות, נפל לאמצע; חלה ונתרפא, נתרפא משל עצמו׃ האחים שעשו מקצתן שושבינות בחיי האב-- חזרה שושבינות-- חזרה לאמצע, שהשושבינות נגבית בבית דין; אבל השולח לחברו כדי יין וכדי שמן-- אינן נגבין בבית דין, מפני שהן גמילות חסדים

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