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If a man said to his son: `Konam be whatever benefit you have of mine,` and subsequently died, the son will inherit him. [But if he said `Konam... `] both during his life and after his death, and [the father] died, the son will not inherit him, [but the portion] will be transferred to his father`s [other] children or to his [father`s] brothers; if the son has nothing [for a livelihood], he may borrow [from others an amount equal to his portion in the inheritance] and the creditors can come and demand payment [out of the estate]. קמא 9.10 
האומר לבנו, קונם שאי אתה נהנה לי-- אם מת, יירשנו׃ בחייו ובמותו-- אם מת, לא יירשנו; וייתן לבניו ולאחיו׃ ואם אינו רוצה, או שאין לו-- לווה, ובעלי החוב באים ונפרעים
If one robbed a proselyte and [after He] had sworn to him [that he did not do so], the proselyte died, he would have to pay the principal and a Fifth to the priests, and bring a trespass offering to the altar, as it is said: but if the man have no kinsman to restore the trespass unto, let the trespass be restored unto The Lord, even to the priest; beside the ram of atonement whereby an atonement shall be made for him. If while he was bringing the money and the trespass offering up to Jerusalem he died [on the way], the money will be given to his heirs, and the trespass offering will be kept on the pasture until it becomes blemished, when it will be sold and the value received will go to the fund or freewill offerings.  קמא 9.11 
הגוזל את הגר ונשבע לו, ומת-- הרי זה משלם קרן וחומש לכוהנים, ואשם למזבח׃ שנאמר ''ואם אין לאיש גואל, להשיב האשם אליו ._._''׃  (במדבר ה,ח) ׃ היה מעלה את הכסף ואת האשם, ומת-- הכסף יינתן לבניו; והאשם ירעה עד שיסתאב, ויימכר וייפלו דמיו לנדבה

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