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If customs-collectors took away a man`s ass and gave him instead another ass, or if brigands took away his garment and gave him instead another garment, it would belong to him, for the owners have surely given up hope of recovering it. If one rescued [articles] from a river or from a marauding band or from highwaymen, if the owners have given up hope of them, they will belong to him. So also regarding swarms of bees, if the owners have given up hope of recovering them, they would belong to him. R. Johanan b. Beroka said: even a woman or a minor is trusted when stating that this swarm started from here; the owner [of bees] is allowed to walk into the field of his neighbour for the purpose of rescuing his swarm, though if he causes damage he would have to pay for the amount of damage he does. He may, however, not cut off his neighbour`s bough [upon which his bees have settled] Eden though with the intention of paying him its value: R. Ishmael the son of R. Johanan b. Beroka, however, said that he may even cut off his neighbour`s bough if he means to repay him the value.  קמא 10.2
נטלו המוכסין את חמורו, ונתנו לו חמור אחר, ליסטין את כסותו, ונתנו לו כסות אחרת-- הרי אלו שלו, מפני שהבעלים מתייאשין מהן׃ המציל מיד הגיס, מיד הנהר, ומיד הליסטין-- אם נתייאשו הבעלים, הרי אלו שלו׃ וכן נחיל של דבורים-- אם נתייאשו הבעלים, הרי אלו שלו; אמר רבי יוחנן בן ברוקה, נאמנת אישה וכן קטן לומר, מכאן יצא נחיל זה׃ ומהלך בתוך שדהו, ונוטל את נחילו; ואם הזיק, משלם מה שהזיק׃ אבל לא יקוץ את הסוכה, על מנת ליתן דמים; רבי ישמעאל בנו של רבי יוחנן בן ברוקה אומר, קוצץ ונותן דמים
If a man identifies his articles or books in the possession of another person, and a rumour of burglary in his place had already been current in town, the purchaser [while pleading purchase in market overt] would have to swear how much he paid [for them] and would be paid accordingly [as he restores the articles or books to the plaintiff] but if this was not so, he could not be believed, for I may say that he sold them to another person from whom the defendant purchased them [in a lawful manner].   קמא 10.3
המכיר את כליו ואת ספריו ביד אחר-- אם יצא לו שם גניבה בעיר-- יישבע כמה הוציא, וייטול; ואם לאו-- לא הכול ממנו, שאני אומר מכרן לאחר ולקחן זה ממנו

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