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Mishnah Tamid 5:2: He [the appointed priest] said to them: The new [priests who have never offered] the incense, come and draw lots. They drew lots and the one who won, won. He said to them: The new and the old [priests], come and draw lots [to determine] who will bring up the limbs from the ramp to the altar. Rabbi Eliezer ben
Yaakov says: The one who would bring up the limbs to the ramp, he would
be the one who would bring them up to the top of the altar.

אמר להם חדשים לקטרת באו והפיסו. הפיסו זכה מי שזכה. חדשים עם ישנים בואו והפיסו. מי מעלה אברים מן הכבש למזבח. רבי אליעזר בן יעקב אומר המעלה אברים לכבש. הוא מעלה אותן על גבי המזבח:

Mishnah Tamid 5:3: They [the ones who lost the lottery] were given over
to the caretakers. They would remove their [priestly] garments and would not
leave anything on except for their pants. And there were cubicles [in the wall,
used for storage of the clothing] and on each [cubicle] was written what garment
was put there.

מסרום לחזנים היו מפשיטין אותם את בגדיהם. לא היו מניחין עליהם אלא מכנסים בלבד. וחלונות היו שם. וכתוב עליהם תשמישי הכלים:

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