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Mishnah Tamid 6:2: The one who had won the right to do the firepan [service], made a heap of coals on the top of the [inner] altar and then spreading them out with the bottom of the firepan
and bowed down and went out.

מי שזכה במחתה. צבר את הגחלים על גבי המזבח. ורדדן בשולי המחתה. והשתחוה ויצא:

Mishnah Tamid 6:3: The one who had won the right to the incense [service] took the censer from the spoon and gave it [the censer] to his friend or his relative [of his choice]. If some of it spilled into the spoon, he [the friend or relative] would give it to him [the priest] and put it into his hands. They would instruct him: Be careful not to begin [by dropping the incense] in front of you or else you may burn yourself. He then began spreading the incense and then went out. The one who burned the incense did not do so until the appointed one said to him,”Burn the incense.” If it [the one offering] was the Kohen Gadol he would say to him:”Master Kohen Gadol, burn the incense.” The people went out and he [the priest] burned the incense, he bowed down and went out.

מי שזכה בקטרת. היה נוטל את הבזך מתוך הכף. ונותנו לאוהבו או לקרובו. נתפזר ממנו לתוכו. נותנו לו בחפניו ומלמדים אותו. הוי זהיר שמא תתחיל לפניך. שלא תכוה. התחיל מרדד ויוצא לא היה המקטיר מקטיר. עד שהממונה אומר לו הקטר. אם היה כהן גדול. הממונה אומר אישי כהן גדול הקטר. פרשו העם. והקטיר והשתחוה ויצא:

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