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Mishnah Tamid 4:1: They would not tie the lamb up [for slaughtering, as was normally done], but would bind it [right forelimb to right hind limb and left forelimb to left hind limb]. The ones who won [the right] to [carry] the limbs would hold it [as it was being slaughtered]. This is how they would bind it: its head would face south and its face turned [to face]to the west. The one slaughtering it stood to the east [of the lamb] with his face to the west. [The Tamid offering] of the morning was slaughtered on the north western corner [of the altar], on the second ring. The [Tamid
offering] of the evening was slaughtered on the north eastern corner on
the second ring. The slaughterer would slaughter and the one who [was
designated] to receive [the blood] would receive it and go to the north
eastern corner [of the altar] and tossed it to the east and north. [Then
he went to] the south western [corner] and tossed it to the west and
south. The rest of the blood was poured on the southern base [of the

לא היו כופתין את הטלה אלא מעקדין אותו. מי שזכו באברים אוחזים בו. וכך היתה עקידתו ראשו לדרום. ופניו למערב. השוחט עומד במזרח ופניו למערב. של שחר היה נשחט על קרן צפונית מערבית על טבעת שניה. של בין הערבים היה נשחט על קרן מזרחית צפונית על טבעת שניה. שחט השוחט וקבל המקבל. בא לו לקרן מזרחית צפונית. ונותן מזרחה צפונה. מערבית דרומית. ונותן מערבה דרומה. שירי הדם היה שופך על יסוד דרומית:

Mishnah Tamid 4:2: [The one who hung the Tamid and cut it apart] would
not break its leg [as butchers do], rather he would make a hole in it through
its knee and hang it [from the hole]. He would skin it and go downward until he
reached the chest. [When] he reached the chest, he would cut the head and give
it the one who won [the right] to [carry] it. He would cut the feet [lower end
near the hoof] and give them to the one who won [the right] to [carry] them. He
would then finish the skinning. [Then] he would rip [out] the heart and remove
its blood. He would cut [off] the front [upper] legs and give them to the one
who won [the right] to [carry] them. He went up to the right hind [upper] leg
and cut it off and give it to the one who won [the right] to [carry] and the two
testicles were [attached] to it. He would tear apart [the rest of the lamb] and
[the body cavity] would be exposed before him. He would take the fat and put it
over [cover] the place of slaughter of the head, on top of it. He would take the
intestines and give them to the one who won [the right] to them to rinse them.
And the rumen, they would rinse in the rinsing chamber. They would rinse it as
much as necessary. The intestines, were rinsed at least three time on the tables
of marble that were between the pillars.

לא היה שיבר בו את הרגל אלא נוקבו מתוך ערכובו ותולה בו. היה מפשיט ויורד עד שהוא מגיע לחזה. הגיע לחזה. חתך את הראש. ונתנו למי שזכה בו. חתך את הכרעים. ונתנן למי שזכה בהן. מירק את ההפשט. קרע את הלב והוציא את דמו. חתך את הידים. ונתנן למי שזכה בהן. עלה לרגל הימנית. חתכה ונתנה למי שזכה בה. ושתי ביצים עמה. קרעו ונמצא כולו גלוי לפניו. נטל את הפדר. ונתנו על בית שחיטת הראש מלמעלן. נטל את הקרביים ונתנן למי שזכה בהם להדיחן. והכרס מדיחין אותה בבית מדיחין. כל צרכה. והקרבים מדיחין אותן שלשה פעמים במיעוטה. על שולחנות של שיש שבין העמודים:

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