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Mishnah Tamid 3:4: They [the priests] then went to the Chamber of Vessels and took out from there ninety three silver vessels and golden utensils. They would give the [lamb to be] the Tamid
[offering] to drink from a golden cup. Even though it had been checked
[for blemishes] the previous evening, they would check it [now] by the
light of a torch.

נכנסו ללשכת הכלים והוציאו משם תשעים ושלשה כלי כסף וכלי זהב. השקו את התמיד בכוס של זהב. אף על פי שהוא מבוקר מבערב מבקרין אותו לאור האבוקות:

Mishnah Tamid 3:5: The one who won [the right to slaughter] the tamid
[offering], would drag it and go to the House of Slaughtering [the area where
the offerings were slaughtered] and the ones who won [the right to place] the
limbs would walk with him. The House of Slaughtering was to the north of the
altar and near it there were eight short pillars and squares of cedar wood were
[each] of them and iron hooks were inserted into them [the squares]; there were
three sets [of hooks] for each one [block], upon which they would hang [the
slaughtered animal]. The [animal] would be skinned on marble tables that were
between the pillars.

מי שזכה בתמיד מושכו והולך לבית המטבחים. ומי שזכה באיברים הולכין אחריו. בית המטבחים היה לצפונו של מזבח. ועליו שמונה עמודים ננסין ורביעית של ארז על גביהן ואונקליות של ברזל היו קבועין בהן ושלשה סדרים היה לכל אחד ואחד. שבהן תולין ומפשיטין על שלחנות של שיש שבין העמודים:

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