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Zevachim 9:4: Just as [items that] went up [to the altar] do not come down, so too if they came down, they do not go [back] up. And all of these [that] went up alive to the top of the altar [must] come down. An Olah that went up to the top of the altar alive must come down; [but] if it was slaughtered on top of the altar, it is skinned and dismembered in its place.

כשם שאם עלו לא ירדו, כך אם ירדו לא יעלו. וכלן שעלו חיים לראש המזבח, ירדו. עולה שעלתה חיה לראש המזבח, תרד. שחטה בראש המזבח, יפשיט וינתח במקומה.

Zevachim 9:5: And the following are [items] that come down [even] if they went up [to the top of the altar]: The flesh of Kodshai Kodashim [sacrifices of the highest degree of sanctity. They may be slaughtered only on the north-west corner of the altar, and consumed only within the Temple compound by male priests, or burnt entirely], and the flesh of Kodashim Kalim [sacrifices of a lesser degree of sanctity. They may be slaughtered anywhere in the Temple courtyard and consumed by most anyone, anywhere in Jerusalem], the remainder of the Omer [the special barley offering offered on the sixteenth of Nisan which permits grain harvested in the last year to be eaten], Shtei HaLechem [two leavened loaves of wheat brought as offerings on Shavuot which permitted using the new grain for holy offerings], Lechem HaPanim [twelve specially shaped unleavened loaves offered each Shabbat on the golden table in the Temple], leftover portions of meal-offerings, and the Ketoret [holy incense offered twice a day on the golden altar inside the Temple]. The wool from the heads of sheep, the hair from the beards of goats, and the bones, and the sinews, and the horns, and the hooves - these, while attached are brought up as it says, (Leviticus 1:9) "And the priest shall make all of it burn on the altar." Once they have been removed they are not brought up, as it says, (Deuteronomy 12:27) "And you shall make your Olot the flesh and the blood."

ואלו אם עלו ירדו: בשר קדשי קדשים, ובשר קדשים קלים, ומותר העמר, ושתי הלחם, ולחם הפנים, ושירי המנחות, והקטרת. הצמר שבראשי כבשים, והשער שבזקן תישים, והעצמות, והגידים, והקרנים, והטלפים, בזמן שהן מחברין, יעלו, שנאמר (ויקרא א) והקטיר הכהן את הכל המזבחה. פרשו, לא יעלו, שנאמר (דברים יב) ועשית עלתיך הבשר והדם.

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