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Zevachim 9:2: The following [are items] which if went up [to the altar], do not come down. [A sacrificial item] that was left overnight [and then taken up on the altar], or was impure [and then taken up], or went out [of the Temple courtyard], or was slaughtered [with the intention of acting] outside its proper place or after its time, or if ineligible people received its blood or dashed its blood. Rabbi Yehudah says: [If] it was slaughtered at night, [or] its blood was spilled, or [if] its blood left the [confines of the] curtains [of the Tabernacle, later - walls of the Temple] - if it went up [to the altar], it comes down. Rabbi Shimon says: It does not come down, for Rabbi Shimon was wont to say: Any sacrifice that became invalid inside the Temple [precincts] - the Temple accepts it; if it did not become invalid inside the Temple [precincts, but outside them] - the Temple does not accept it.

ואלו אם עלו לא ירדו: הלן, והטמא, והיוצא, והנשחט חוץ לזמנו, וחוץ למקומו, ושקבלו פסולים, וזרקו את דמו. רבי יהודה אומר: שנשחטה בלילה, ושנשפך דמה, ושיצא דמה חוץ לקלעים, אם עלתה, תרד. רבי שמעון אומר: לא תרד, שהיה רבי שמעון אומר: כל שפסולו בקדש הקדש מקבלו, לא היה פסולו בקדש אין הקדש מקבלו.

Zevachim 9:3: The following are [cases where a sacrifice] did not become invalid inside the Temple [precincts but outside them]: [An animal] that had relations with a woman, or with whom a man had relations, or that was designated for idolatry, or which was worshiped, or that was used to pay a prostitute, or which was exchanged [for a dog], or which was a mixed breed, or which was a Terefah [an animal with a mortal condition such that it would die within one year], or which was born through Caesarean section, or which was blemished. Rabbi Akiva deems valid blemished offerings. Rabbi Chanina Segan HaKohanim says: My father would remove blemished offerings from the top of the altar.

אלו לא היה פסולן בקדש: הרובע, והנרבע, והמקצה, והנעבד, והאתנן, והמחיר, והכלאים, והטרפה, והיוצא דפן, ובעלי מומין. רבי עקיבא מכשיר בבעלי מומין. רבי חנינא סגן הכהנים אומר: דוחה היה אבא את בעלי מומין מעל גבי המזבח.

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