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Zevachim 6:1: [If] Kodshai Kodashim [sacrifices of the highest degree of sanctity. They may be slaughtered only on the north-west corner of the altar, and consumed only within the Temple compound by male priests, or burnt entirely] were slaughtered on top of the altar, Rabbi Yose says: It is as though they were slaughtered in the north [of the Temple courtyard]. Rabbi Yose bar Yehudah says: From the middle [of the top surface] of the altar northwards, [it is] like [they were slaughtered] in the north, from the middle [of the top surface] of the altar southwards, [it is] like [they were slaughtered] in the south. The grain-offerings had fistfuls removed [from them] anywhere in the Temple courtyard. They were eaten within the curtains, by male priests, prepared in any manner, [and eaten] that day and [subsequent] night until midnight.

קדשי קדשים ששחטן בראש המזבח - רבי יוסי אומר: כאלו נשחטו בצפון; רבי יוסי בר יהודה אומר: מחצי המזבח ולצפון - כצפון; מחצי המזבח ולדרום - כדרום. המנחות היו נקמצות בכל מקום בעזרה, ונאכלין לפנים מן הקלעים, לזכרי כהנה, בכל מאכל, ליום ולילה עד חצות.

Zevachim 6:2: The Chattat [offerings brought to expiate sin] of a bird was performed at the southwest corner [of the altar]. It is valid [if done] any place, but that was its [proper] place. That corner served [as the location for] three services below [the altar's midpoint] and it served [as the location for] three services above [the altar's midpoint]. [Performed at this corner] below [the midpoint were]: The Chattat of the bird, the presentation [of grain-offerings], and [the pouring out of] the remainders [of sacrificial] blood. [Performed at this corner] above [the midpoint were]: [The pouring of] the wine libation, [the pouring of the] water libation, and [the procedure of] the Olah [an offering that is entirely burnt] of a bird when there were too many [sacrifices being brought] at the east [corner of the altar].

חטאת העוף היתה נעשית על קרן דרומית מערבית. בכל מקום היתה כשרה. אלא זה היה מקומה. ושלשה דברים היתה אותה הקרן משמשת מלמטן, ושלשה מלמעלן: מלמטן - חטאת העוף, וההגשות, ושירי הדם. מלמעלן - נסוך המים והיין, ועולת העוף, כשהיא רבה במזרח.

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