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Zevachim 5:3: [Concerning] the communal and individual chata'ot [offerings brought to expiate sin] - These are the communal chata'ot: The New Moon goats and those of holidays. These are slaughtered on the north [side of the altar] and their blood is collected in a consecrated vessel on the north [side of the altar]. Their blood requires four applications - [one] on [each of] the four corners [of the altar]. How [was this done]? The priest ascended the ramp and turned onto the ledge [encircling the altar] and came to the southeast corner, [he then walked to] the northeast corner, [then to] the northwest corner, [then to] the southwest corner. The remainder of the blood was poured out on the southern base [of the altar]. These [the meat from these sacrifices] were eaten within the curtains [of the Temple courtyard; these were later replaced with walls] by male priests, prepared in any manner, during that day and [subsequent] night until midnight.

חטאות הצבור והיחיד - אלו הן חטאות הצבור: שעירי ראשי חדשים ושלמועדות - שחיטתן בצפון, וקבול דמן בכלי שרת בצפון, ודמן טעון ארבע מתנות על ארבע קרנות. כיצד? עלה בכבש, ופנה לסובב, ובא לו לקרן דרומית מזרחית, מזרחית צפונית, צפונית מערבית, מערבית דרומית. שירי הדם היה שופך על יסוד דרומי. ונאכלין לפנים מן הקלעים, לזכרי כהנה, בכל מאכל, ליום ולילה עד חצות.

Zevachim 5:4: The Olah [an offering that is entirely burnt], [which is within the category of] Kodshai Kodashim, is slaughtered on the north [side of the altar] and its blood is collected in a consecrated vessel on the north [side of the altar]. Its blood requires two applications which [amount to] four [when the blood is applied to a corner it touches two sides of the altar simultaneously]. [TheOlah] must be skinned, dismembered, and completely [burned] in [the altar] fires.

העולה - קדשי קדשים - שחיטתה בצפון, וקבול דמה בכלי שרת בצפון, ודמה טעון שתי מתנות שהן ארבע, וטעונה הפשט, ונתוח, וכליל לאשים.

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