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Zevachim 3:5: One who slaughters a consecrated animal in order to eat [its] fetus or [its] placenta outside [the Temple courtyard], does not render it Piggul. One who pierces [a form of slaughtering birds] turtle-doves inside [the Temple courtyard] in order to eat their eggs outside [of its place] does not commit Piggul thereby. Milk of consecrated animals and the eggs of turtle-doves do not make one liable for Piggul, or for Notar, or for rendering it impure.

השוחט את המקדשין לאכול שליל, או שליא בחוץ, לא פגל. המולק תורין בפנים לאכול ביציהם בחוץ, לא פגל. חלב המקדשין וביצי תורין - אין חיבין עליהם משום פגול, ונותר, וטמא.

Zevachim 3:6: [If] one slaughtered it [the offering] with the intention of leaving its blood or its designated parts for the next day, or [with the intention of] taking them outside [of the Temple courtyard] - Rabbi Yehudah deems it invalid, but the Sages deem it valid. [If] one slaughtered it with the intention to put [the blood] on the ramp, [or at a spot] not next to the base [of the altar], [or] to sprinkle [blood] that should be sprinkled below [the altar's midpoint] above [it], [or to szprinkle blood] that should be sprinkled above the altar's midpoint] below [it], or [to sprinkle blood] that should be [sprinkled] inside [the Temple on the inner altar, on the] outside [altar], or [to sprinkle blood] that should be [sprinkled on the] outside [altar] on the inside [altar], [or with the intention] that impure people should eat it, or that impure people should sacrifice it, [or with the intention] that uncircumcised people should eat it, or that uncircumcised people should sacrifice it, [or with the intention] of breaking the bones of the Passover offering, or of eating it raw, or of mixing its blood with the blood of invalid offerings - it is valid because thoughts only invalidate [an offering if one had the intention of acting] after its time or outside of its proper place, or [if procedures for a] Passover-offering or a Chattat [an offering brought to expiate sin] were not done for their own sake.

שחטו על מנת להניח את דמו, או את אמוריו, למחר, או להוציאן לחוץ - רבי יהודה פוסל, וחכמים מכשירין.שחטו על מנת לתנו על גבי הכבש, שלא כנגד היסוד, לתן את הנתנין למטה - למעלה, ואת הנתנין למעלה - למטה, את הנתנין בפנים - בחוץ, ואת הנתנין בחוץ - בפנים, שיאכלוהו טמאים, שיקריבוהו טמאים, שיאכלוהו ערלים, שיקריבוהו ערלים, לשבר עצמות הפסח ולאכול ממנו נא, לערב דמו בדם פסולין - כשר; שאין המחשבה פוסלת אלא חוץ לזמנו וחוץ למקומו, והפסח והחטאת שלא לשמן.

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