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Zevachim 14:1: [If] a red heifer was burned outside of its specific spot [on the Mount of Olives], and similarly [if] the [special] goat sent away [to the desert wilderness outside of Jerusalem on Yom Kippur] was offered outside [the Temple precincts], [these acts] do not make one liable, as it says (Leviticus 17:4) "And to the opening of the Tabernacle he did not bring it" [if] something is not fit to be brought to the door of the Tabernacle, one is not liable [for offering it outside].

פרת חטאת ששרפה חוץ מגתה, וכן שעיר המשתלח שהקריבו בחוץ, פטור, שנאמר (ויקרא יז) ואל פתח אהל מועד לא הביאו. כל שאינו ראוי לבוא אל פתח אהל מועד, אין חיבין עליו.

Zevachim 14:2: [If] one offered outside [the Temple precincts] an animal that had relations with a woman, or with whom a man had relations, or that was designated for idolatry, or which was worshiped, or that was used to pay a prostitute, or which was exchanged for a dog, or was a mixed breed, or was a Terefah [an animal with a mortal condition such that it will die within one year], or an animal born through Caesarean section, he is exempt as it says (Leviticus 17:4) "Before the Tabernacle", one is not liable for anything which is not fit to be brought in the Tabernacle. [If one offered outside] blemished animals he is exempt, regardless of whether they had a permanent blemish or a temporary blemish. Rabbi Shimon says: One is exempt [for offering outside] permanently blemished animals, but he violates a negative commandment [by offering outside an animal with] a temporary blemish. One is exempt for offering outside turtle-doves that are not yet old enough [to be sacrificed] or pigeons that are too old [to be sacrificed]. Rabbi Shimon says: One is exempt for pigeons that are too old, but he violates a negative commandment [by offering outside] turtle-doves that are not yet old enough. One is exempt [for offering outside] an animal and its young [on the same day], or for [offering an animal] which is not old enough [being not yet eight days old]. Rabbi Shimon says: These are [violations] of negative commandments, for Rabbi Shimon was wont to say: One [violates] a negative commandment for anything which may be brought after a certain time, but one [is not punished with] Karet [excision at the hands of Heaven]; but the Sages say, anything for which one is not subject to Karet, one [also is not considered to have violated] a negative commandment.

הרובע, והנרבע, והמקצה, והנעבד, והאתנן, והמחיר, והכלאים, והטרפה, ויוצא דפן שהקריבן בחוץ, פטור, שנאמר (ויקרא יז) לפני משכן ה', כל שאינו ראוי לבוא לפני משכן ה' אין חיבין עליו. בעלי מומין, בין בעלי מומין קבועים בין בעלי מומין עוברים שהקריבן בחוץ, פטור. רבי שמעון אומר: בעלי מומין קבועים פטור, ובעלי מומין עוברין עוברין בלא תעשה. תורים שלא הגיע זמנן, ובני יונה שעבר זמנן שהקריבן בחוץ, פטור. רבי שמעון אומר: בני יונה שעבר זמנן פטור, ותורים שלא הגיע זמנן בלא תעשה. אותו ואת בנו ומחסר זמן, פטור. רבי שמעון אומר: הרי זה בלא תעשה. שהיה רבי שמעון אומר: כל שהוא ראוי לבוא לאחר זמן, הרי זה בלא תעשה ואין בו כרת, וחכמים אומרים: כל שאין בו כרת, אין בו בלא תעשה.

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