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Zevachim 11:7: Both a vessel in which one cooked and one into which was poured a boiling liquid require scouring and rinsing. Both [vessels used to cook] Kodshai Kodashim [sacrifices of the highest degree of sanctity. They may be slaughtered only on the north-west corner of the altar, and consumed only within the Temple compound by male priests, or burnt entirely] and [those used to cook] Kodashim Kalim [sacrifices of a lesser degree of sanctity. They may be slaughtered anywhere in the Temple courtyard and consumed by most anyone, anywhere in Jerusalem] require scouring and rinsing; Rabbi Shimon says: [Vessels used to cook] Kodashim Kalim do not need scouring and rinsing. Rabbi Tarfon says: If one cooked in [a vessel] at the start of a festival, he may cook in it during the entire festival; but the Sages say: [He may only cook in it] during the time [allotted for] eating [the sacrifice's meat]. [Regarding] scouring and rinsing: Scouring is like scouring [the inside] of a cup, and rinsing is like rinsing [the outside] of a cup; scouring [is performed] with hot water and rinsing [is performed] with cold water. The spit and the grill are scalded with hot water.

אחד שבשל בו ואחד שערה לתוכו רותח, אחד קדשי קדשים ואחד קדשים קלים, טעונין מריקה ושטיפה. רבי שמעון אומר: קדשים קלים אינן טעונין מריקה ושטיפה. רבי טרפון אומר: אם בשל בו מתחלת הרגל, יבשל בו [את] כל הרגל. וחכמים אומרים: [עד] זמן אכילה. מריקה ושטיפה, מריקה כמריקת הכוס, ושטיפה כשטיפת הכוס. מריקה [בחמין] ושטיפה בצונן. והשפוד והאסכלא מגעילן [בחמין].

Zevachim 11:8: [If] one cooked both sacred things and non-sacred things [in one vessel], or [cooked in one vessel] both Kodshai Kodashim and Kodashim Kalim, if there is enough [meat] to impart flavor, the less stringent [meat] must be eaten following the [rules governing] the more stringent [meat], and [the vessels] do not require scouring and rinsing and [the mixture] does not render invalid through contact. [If] a wafer touched another wafer, or a piece of meat touched another piece of meat, neither the whole wafer nor the whole piece of meat become prohibited, rather just the place of absorption does.

בשל בו קדשים וחלין, או קדשי קדשים וקדשים קלים, אם יש בהן בנותן טעם, הרי הקלים נאכלין כחמורין, ואינן טעונין מריקה ושטיפה, ואינם פוסלין במגע. רקיק שנגע ברקיק, וחתיכה בחתיכה, לא כל הרקיקין ולא כל החתיכות אסורין. אינו אסור אלא מקום שבלע.

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