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Mishnah Zavim 5:5: [If] an unclean person rests on part of an object fit to lie upon [or if] a clean person rests on part of an object fit to lie upon it becomes unclean. If part of an unclean person rests on an object fit to lie upon, or part of a clean person rests upon an object fit to lie upon, it is clean. Thus we find that uncleanliness can be contracted and communicated by its lesser part. Similarly, if a loaf [of bread] of teruma [a portion of a crop given to a kohen], was placed upon an object fit to lie upon [that was unclean] and there is paper between them, whether [the loaf] is on top or it is on the bottom it is clean. Similarly [if ] there was an stone with diseased patches on it that render it unclean, [either on top or below the loaf of bread separated by a pice of paper] it is clean. Rabbi Shimon declared thai in such a case it is unclean.

הטמא על מקצת המשכב והטהור על מקצת המשכב, טמא. מקצת טמא על המשכב ומקצת טהור על המשכב, טהור. נמצאת טמאה נכנסת לו ויוצאת ממנו במעוטו. וכן ככר של תרומה שהוא נתון על גבי משכב והניר בינתים, בין מלמעלן בין מלמטן, טהור. וכן באבן המנגעת, טהור. רבי שמעון מטמא בזו:

Mishnah Zavim 5:6: One who touches a zav [or] a zava [a woman with a discharge] [or] a niddah [menstruating woman] or a woman who has recently given birth, or a metzora [a person suffering form an unsightly skin disease], or any object on which these have been sitting or lying, they render unclean at two [levels] and renders unfit [terumah] at one [level more]. If he separated himself [from the source of uncleanness], he renderds unclean at one [level] and renders unfit [terumah] at one [level more]. [The law applies] whether one touched, moved, carried or was carried.

הנוגע בזב, ובזבה, ובנדה, וביולדת, ובמצרע, במשכב, ומושב, מטמא שנים ופוסל אחד. פרש, מטמא אחד ופוסל אחד, אחד הנוגע ואחד המסיט ואחד הנושא ואחד הנשא:

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