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Mishnah Zavim 4:4: [If] a zav was lying on five benches or five money-bags, [if he was lying on them] lengthwise they are unclean, [if he was lying on them] breadthwise they are clean. [If] he slept [on them across their width and] there is doubt whether he turned over on them [along their length], they are unclean. If he was lying on six seats, [with] his two hands on two [seats], his two feet on two [seats], his head on one [seat], [and] his body on one [seat], only the one [seat] that was under his body is unclean. If he sood on two seats, Rabbi Shimon says, if they were distant from each other, they are clean.

זב שהיה מטל על חמשה ספסלים או על חמש פנדיות, לארכן, טמאין. לרחבן, טהורין. ישן, ספק שנתהפך עליהן, טמאין. היה מטל על ששה כסיות, שתי ידיו על שנים, שתי רגליו על שנים, ראשו על אחד, גופו על אחד, אין טמא אלא זה שתחת הגוף. עומד על שני כסאות, רבי שמעון אומר, אם רחוקין זה מזה, טהורין:

Mishnah Zavim 4:5: Ten cloaks [piled] one on top of the other, [if a zav ] slept on the top one, they are all unclean. [If] a zav was on one pan of a balance and [objects fit to] lie or sit on, were on the opposite side [pan], if the zav weighed down [his pan, thus pushing the objects up], they are clean. If it objects weighed down [pushing the zav up] they are unclean. Rabbi Shimon says, [if there was] a single [object to sit or lie on] it is unclean, [but] if there were many, they are clean, since none of them have supported the greater part [of the weight of the zav ].

עשר טליות זו על גב זו, ישן על גבי העליונה, כלן טמאות. הזב בכף מאזנים ומשכב ומושב כנגדו, כרע הזב, טהורין. כרעו הן, טמאין. רבי שמעון אומר, ביחידי, טמא. ובמרבין, טהור, שאין אחד נושא את רבו:

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