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A High Priest sometimes deprives a woman of her right to eat Terumah. How? If a priest`s daughter was married to an Israelite and she bore a daughter by him, and the daughter went and married a priest and bore a son by him, such a son is fit to be a High Priest, to stand and minister at the altar. He also bestows upon his mother, the privilege of eating Terumah, but deprives his mother`s mother of this privilege. The latter can rightly say, `[may there] not [be another] like my grandson the High Priest who deprives me of the privilege of eating Terumah. יבמות 7.6
כוהן גדול, פעמים שהוא פוסל׃ כיצד׃ בת כוהן שנישאת לישראל, וילדה ממנו בת, והלכה הבת ונישאת לכוהן, וילדה ממנו בן-- הרי זה ראוי להיות כוהן גדול, עומד ומשמש על גבי המזבח, מאכיל את אימו; ופוסל את אם אימו, וזאת אומרת, לא כבני כוהן גדול, שהוא פוסלני מן התרומה
An Uncircumcised [priest] and all levitically unclean persons may not eat Terumah. Their wives and slaves, however, may eat Terumah. [A priest who is] wounded in his stones and one whose membrum is cut off, as well as their slaves, may eat Terumah, but their wives may not. If, however, no cohabitation took place after the man was wounded or had his membrum cut off, the wives are permitted to eat. יבמות 8.1
הערל וכל הטמאים, לא יאכלו בתרומה; נשיהם ועבדיהם, יאכלו׃ פצוע דכא וכרות שופכה-- הם ועבדיהם אוכלים, ונשיהם לא יאכלו; אם לא ידעה משנעשה פצוע דכא וכרות שופכה, הרי אלו יאכלו

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