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A man is permitted to marry [the near relative] of a woman [whom he has] outraged or seduced. He, however, who outraged or seduced [a relative] of his married wife, is guilty. A man may marry the woman whom his father has outraged or seduced or the woman whom his son has outraged or seduced. R. Judah forbids [marriage] with the woman whom one`s father has outraged or seduced. 

 יבמות 11.1
נושאין על האנוסה, ועל המפותה׃ והאונס והמפתה על הנשואה, חייב׃ נושא אדם אנוסת אביו, ומפותת אביו, אנוסת בנו, ומפותת בנו; רבי יהודה אוסר באנוסת אביו, ובמפותת אביו

The sons of a female proselyte who become proselytes together with her neither participate in halizah nor contract Levirate marriage, even if the one was not conceived in holiness. But was born in holiness, and the other was both conceived and born in holiness. So also [is the Law] where the sons of a bondwoman were emancipated together with her

 יבמות 11.2
גיורת שנתגיירו בניה עימה, לא חולצין ולא מייבמין-- אפילו הורתו של ראשון שלא בקדושה ולידתו בקדושה, והשני הורתו ולידתו בקדושה׃ וכן השפחה שנשתחררו בניה עימה

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