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He [the High Priest] came to the bullock and the he-goat that were to be burnt, he cut them open and took out the sacrificial portions and put them on a tray, and burnt them upon the altar. He twisted them [the beasts] around carrying poles and brought them out to the place of burning. From what time do they render garments unclean? After they have gone outside the wall of the Temple Court. R. Simeon says: from the moment the fire has taken hold of most of them.  יומא 6.7
בא לו אצל הפר ואצל שעיר הנשרפים; קרען, והוציא את אימוריהן, ונתנן במגס, והקטירן על גבי המזבח׃ קלען במקלעות, והוציאן לבית השריפה׃ מאימתיי מטמאין בגדים, משייצאו לחומת העזרה; רבי שמעון אומר, משייצת האור ברובן
They said to the High Priest: the he-goat has reached the wilderness. And whence did they know that the he-goat had reached the wilderness? They used to set up guards at stations and from these towels would be waved, thus would they know that the he-goat had reached the wilderness. R. Judah said: but did they not have a great sign? From Jerusalem to Beth Hidodo was three mils. They could walk a mil, return the mil, then tarry the time it takes to walk a mil, and thus know that the he-goat had reached the wilderness. R. Ishmael said: but they had another sign too: a thread of crimson wool was tied to the door of the Temple, and when the he-goat reached the wilderness the thread turned white, as it is written: though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as snow.  יומא 6.8
אמרו לו לכוהן גדול, הגיע שעיר למדבר׃ ומניין היו יודעין שהגיע שעיר למדבר-- דידביות היו עושין, ומניפין בסודרין, ויודעים שהגיע שעיר למדבר׃ אמר רבי יהודה, והלוא סימן גדול היה להם, שלושת מילין מירושלים ועד בית חורון׃ הולכים מיל, וחוזרים מיל, ושוהין כדי מיל; ויודעים שהגיע שעיר למדבר

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לע"נ גננדיל בת משה