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Mishnah Tevul Yom 2:2: Regarding a pot which was full of liquid which was touched by a tevul yom, if the liquid is terumah [a portion of a crop given to a kohen which becomes holy upon separation, and can only be consumed by kohanim or their household], the liquid is invalidated [i.e. impure], and the pot is pure; and if the liquid is chullin [produce or food that is not sanctified, and is permitted for general consumption], all is pure. If one's hands were soiled [i.e. impure, when he touched the liquids in the pot], all is impure. This is a case where [soiled] hands have a greater stringency than a tevul yom. And a case where a tevul yom has a greater stringency than [soiled] hands is that one with uncertain status as a tevul yom invalidates terumah, yet an uncertainty regarding [soiled] hands is considered pure.

קדרה שהיא מלאה משקים ונגע בה טבול יום, אם היה משקה תרומה, המשקין פסולין והקדרה טהורה. ואם היה משקה חלין, הכל טהור. ואם היו ידיו מסאבות, הכל טמא. זה חמר בידים מבטבול יום. וחמר בטבול יום מבידים, שספק טבול יום פוסל את התרומה, והידים ספקן טהור:

Mishnah Tevul Yom 2:3: If a porridge was made of terumah and the garlic or oil [it contained] were of chullin, and a tevul yom touched part of them, he has invalidated [i.e. rendered impure] them all. If the porridge was of chullin, and the garlic or oil were of terumah, and a tevul yom touched part of it, he has only invalidated the part he touched. And if the garlic was greater [than the amount of porridge], then the majority is followed [i.e. and the entire porridge is treated like the garlic]. Rabbi Yehuda said: When is this so? When it forms a single mass in the pot; but if it was scattered with the mortar, it is pure, since one desires for it to be scattered. And [similarly] regarding all other mashed foods which one mashed with liquids. But those which are usually mashed with liquids and yet were mashed without liquids, [even] if they formed a single mass in the pot, they are thereby treated like a cake of preserved figs [i.e. are not considered connected to one another].

המקפה של תרומה והשום והשמן של חלין, שנגע טבול יום במקצתן, פסל את כלם. המקפה של חלין והשום והשמן של תרומה, שנגע טבול יום במקצתן, לא פסל אלא מקום מגעו. ואם היה השום מרבה, הולכין אחר הרב. אמר רבי יהודה, אימתי, בזמן שהן גוש בקערה. אבל אם היה מפזר במדוכה, טהור, מפני שהוא רוצה בפזורו. ושאר כל הנדוכין שדכן במשקין. אבל את שדרכן לדוך במשקים ודכן שלא במשקין והן גוש בקערה, הרי אלו כעגול של דבלה:

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