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Mishnah Temurah 7:4: These are the things which are buried: Sanctified [animals] which were stillborn should be buried. The afterbirth of a stillborn should be buried. A bull which is stoned, an Eglah Arufa [a calf whose neck is broken by elders of the closest town to atone for an unsolved murder], the birds [brought by] a Metzora [one rendered severely impure from an unsightly skin disease. Upon recovery and purification, he must bring offerings], the hair of a Nazirite, the firstborn of a donkey, [mixed] milk and meat, unholy [animals] slaughtered in the Temple courtyard, [should be buried]. Rabbi Shimon says, "Unholy [animals] which were slaughtered in the Temple courtyard should be burned, and so too a wild animal slaughtered in the courtyard."

ואלו הן הנקברים. קדשים שהפילו יקברו. הפילה שליא תקבר. שור הנסקל. ועגלה ערופה. וצפורי מצורע. ושער נזיר. ופטר חמור. ובשר בחלב. וחולין שנשחטו בעזרה. רבי שמעון אומר חולין שנשחטו בעזרה ישרפו. וכן חיה שנשחטה בעזרה:

Mishnah Temurah 7:5: These are the things which need to be burned. Chametz on Passover is burned. Terumah that is unfit, Orlah [the fruit of a tree during the first three years after its planting, the consumption or usage of which is forbidden], or Kilayim, things which are normally burned should be burned, and things which are normally buried should be buried. [A Kohen may benefit] from lighting bread or oil of Terumah.

ואלו הן הנשרפים. חמץ בפסח ישרף. ותרומה טמאה. והערלה וכלאי הכרם. את שדרכו לישרף ישרף. ואת שדרכו ליקבר יקבר. ומדליקין בפת ובשמן של תרומה.

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