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Mishnah Temurah 6:1: Everything that is forbidden [from being offered] on the altar is forbidden in any amount. [The things that are forbidden are:] an animal with which a woman committed bestiality, an animal with which a man committed bestiality, an animal set aside, an animal which was worshipped, a prostitute's fee, a dog's exchange, a Kilaim, a Treifah [an animal with a mortal condition such that it would die within one year], and [an animal] delivered by Caesarean section. What is a "set aside"? An animal set aside for idol worship. It is forbidden, but that which is upon it is permitted. What is a worshipped [animal]? All that serve it. It and that which is upon it is forbidden. Both this [the set aside] and this [the worshipped animal] may be eaten.

כל האסורין על גבי המזבח. אוסרים כל שהן. הרובע. והנרבע והמוקצה והנעבד ואתנן ומחיר והכלאים והטרפה ויוצא דופן. איזה הוא מוקצה המוקצה לעבודה זרה הוא אסור ומה שעליו מותר. איזהו נעבד כל שעובדין אותו. הוא ומה שעליו אסור. זה וזה מותרין באכילה:

Mishnah Temurah 6:2: What is a prostitute's fee? One says to a prostitute, "Take this lamb as your payment." Even [if he gave her] one hundred [lambs], they are all forbidden. So too is the one who says to his friend, "Take this lamb and your maidservant will sleep with my slave," Rebbe says, "This is not a prostitute's payment." The Sages say, "It is a prostitute's payment."

איזהו אתנן האומר לזונה הא ליך טלה זה בשכרך. אפילו מאה כולן אסורין. וכן האומר לחברו הא לך טלה זה. ותלין שפחתך אצל עבדי. רבי אומר אינו אתנן. וחכמים אומרים אתנן:

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