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Mishnah Temurah 5:5: [If one said], "This [animal] instead of that," "as a substitute for that," "as an exchange for that," then [this animal] is a substitute [for that animal]; [if he said], "[This animal] has its sanctity transferred onto that one," then [this animal] is not a substitute; if [, however, this animal] was a [sanctified] animal with a blemish, then it [does] lose its sanctity [upon that substituted animal], and [the owner] needs to make [restitution for any difference in] price.

הרי זו תחת זו. תמורת זו. חלופת זו. הרי זו תמורה. זו מחוללת על זו. אינו תמורה. ואם היה הקדש בעל מום. יוצא לחולין. וצריך לעשות דמים:

Mishnah Temurah 5:6: [If one said], "This [animal] is instead of a Chattat [offering brought to expiate sin]," or "instead of an Olah," he has not said anything. "[This animal] is instead of this Chattat ," or "instead of this Olah," "instead of the Chattat or the Olah, which I have inside the house." - if he had [the animal], his words stand. If he said regarding an impure animal or a blemished animal, "This is an Olah," he has not said anything; [if he says], "This is for an Olah," he sells it and uses the money for an Olah.

הרי זו תחת חטאת ותחת עולה. לא אמר כלום. תחת חטאת זו ותחת עולה זו. תחת חטאת ותחת עולה שיש לו בתוך הבית. היה לו דבריו קיימין. אם אמר על בהמה טמאה ועל בעלת מום הרי אלו עולה. לא אמר כלום. הרי אלו לעולה. ימכרו ויביא בדמיהם עולה:

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