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Mishnah Tamid 5:6: They [the two priests designated to bring the incense and the coals] arrived at the area between the vestibule [of the sanctuary] and the [copper] altar and one took the Magrefa [a shovel-shaped instrument that makes loud sound when thrown] and threw it between the vestibule and the altar. No one could hear the sound of his friend in Jerusalem [when it was thrown] because of the [loud] sound of the Magrefa. And [the trowing] served three functions: A kohen [standing outside] who heard its sound knew that his brothers, the priests were [currently] entering [the sanctuary] to bow down and he would run and go [to join them]. A Levi that heard its sound knew that his brother Levites were entering to sing the [daily] song and he would run [to join them]. And the head of the Ma'amad [one of 24 regions, each of which sent in turn a delegation to the Temple to be present and represent the entire people at the public sacrifices] would gather the impure people at the eastern gate [of the Temple Mount].

הגיעו בין האולם ולמזבח. נטל אחד את המגרפה. וזורקה בין האולם ולמזבח. אין אדם שומע קול חברו בירושלים. מקול המגרפה. ושלשה דברים היתה משמשת. כהן ששומע את קולה. יודע שאחיו הכהנים נכנסים להשתחוות והוא רץ ובא. ובן לוי שהוא שומע את קולה. יודע שאחיו הלוים נכנסים לדבר בשיר. והוא רץ ובא. וראש המעמד. היה מעמיד את הטמאים בשער המזרח:

Mishnah Tamid 6:1: They [the two priests] began to ascend the steps of the vestibule. Those who had won the right to remove the ashes from the inner altar and from the Menorah went before them. The one who won the right to remove the ashes from the inner altar went in and took the basket and bowed down and went out again. The one who had won the right to remove the ashes from the Menorah went in, and if he found the two eastern lamps still burning he would remove the ash from the eastern one and left the western one burning, since from it he [the priest] lit the Menorah in the evening. If he found that this one [the western one] had gone out, he removed the ash and lit it [in the evening] from the burnt-offering altar. He then took the jug from the second step and bowed down and went out.

החלו עולים במעלות האולם מי שזכו בדישון מזבח הפנימי והמנורה. היו מקדימין לפניהם. מי שזכה בדישון מזבח הפנימי. נכנס ונטל את הטני. והשתחוה ויצא. מי שזכה בדישון המנורה. נכנס ומצא שתי נרות מזרחיים דולקין. מדשן את המזרחי. ומניח את המערבי דולק. שממנו היה מדליק את המנורה בין הערבים. מצאו שכבה מדשנו ומדליקו ממזבח העולה. נטל את הכוז ממעלה שניה. והשתחוה ויצא:

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