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Mishnah Tamid 2:5: They would select [from the stockpile] nice [logs] of fig wood to arrange the secondary pyre [used for] incense. [It was] opposite the south western corner [of the altar], pulled in from the corner four amot [cubits] towards the north. [They placed enough wood] that by their estimation[ would produce] five Se'ah [Mishnaic volume] of coals and on Shabbat [they would place on this pyre enough wood] that they esimated [would produce] eight Se'ah of coals, for that was where they would placed the two spoonfull of frankincense of the Lechem HaPanim [show breads placed on the table in the Temple]. The limbs and the fats that were not consumed [by the primary fire] the previous evening [and had been temporarily placed on the sides of the altar] they [the priests] would return them to the pyre. They ignited the pyres with fire and went down [from the altar] and went to the Chamber of Hewn Stone.

בררו משם עצי תאנה יפין לסדר המערכה שניה לקטורת מכנגד קרן מערבית דרומית משוך מן הקרן כלפי צפון ארבע אמות. בעומד חמש סאים גחלים. ובשבת בעומד שמונת סאין גחלים. ששם היו נותנין שני בזיכי לבונה של לחם הפנים. האיברים והפדרים שלא נתאכלו מבערב מחזירין אותן למערכה. הציתו שתי המערכות באש וירדו ובאו להם ללשכת הגזית:

Mishnah Tamid 3:1: The appointed [priest] said to them: Come and draw lots [to determine] who will slaughter [the daily Tamid offering], who will throw the blood [of the offering on the altar], who will remove the ash from the inner altar, who will remove the ash from the Menora who will take the limbs [of the Tamid offering] up the ramp [of the altar]. [Specifically who will transport] the head, the right hind leg, the two forelegs, the tail, the left hind leg, the chest, the neck, the two sides, the intestines, the fine flour [for the meal offering, offered daily along with the tamid], the Chavitim [the Kohen Gadol's daily meal offering of flour and oil baked in a pan] loaves and the wine [for libation]. They would draw lots, and whoever won, won.

אמר להם הממונה בואו והפיסו מי שוחט. מי זורק. מי מדשן מזבח הפנימי. מי מדשן את המנורה. מי מעלה אברים לכבש. הראש והרגל. ושתי הידים. העוקץ והרגל. החזה והגרה. ושתי דפנות. הקרבים. והסלת. והחביתים. והיין. הפיסו זכה מי שזכה:

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