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The following must be saved [from sinning] even at the cost of their lives: He who pursues after his neighbour to slay him, [or] after a male [for pederasty]. [Or] after a betrothed maiden [to dishonour her] but he who pursues after an animal [to abuse it] or would desecrate the Sabbath, or commit idolatry, must not be saved [from sinning] at the cost of his life. סנהדרין 8.7
אלו שמצילין אותן בנפשן-- הרודף את חברו להורגו, אחר הזכור, אחר נערה מאורסה׃ אבל הרודף אחר הבהמה, והמחלל את השבת, והעובד עבודה זרה-- אין מצילין אותם בנפשן
The following are burnt: He who commits incest with a woman and her daughter, and a priest`s adulterous daughter. There is included in a woman and her daughter` his own daughter, his daughter`s daughter, his son`s daughter, his wife`s daughter and the daughter of her daughter or son, his mother-in-law, Her mother, and his father-in-law`s mother. 
The following are decapitated: a murderer, and the inhabitants of a seduced city. A murderer who slew his fellow with a stone or an iron, or kept him down under water or in fire, so that he could not ascend thence, is executed. If he pushed him into water or fire, but so that he could ascend, yet he died, he is free [from death]. If he set on a dog or a snake against him [and they killed him], he is free from death. But if he caused a snake to bite him [by putting his jaws against him] R. Judah ruled that he is executed; the Sages, that he is not. 
If a man smote his fellow, whether with a stone or with his fist, and they [the experts] declared that death would ensue; but then its effect lessened [so that it was thought that he would live], only to increase subsequently, so that he died. He is liable. R. Nehemiah said that he is exempt, since there is evidence [that he did not die as a result of his injuries, as he had already been on the mend.]
סנהדרין 9.1
אלו הן הנשרפין-- הבא על אישה ובתה, ובת כוהן; ויש בכלל אישה ובתה-- בתו, ובת בתו, ובת בנו, בת אשתו, ובת בתה, ובת בנה, חמותו, ואם חמותו, ואם חמיו׃ אלו הן הנהרגין-- רוצח, ואנשי עיר הנידחת׃ רוצח שהכה את ריעהו, בין באבן בין באגרוף, כבש עליו בתוך המים או בתוך האור, ואינו יכול לעלות משם ומת-- חייב; דחפו לתוך המים או לתוך האור, ויכול הוא לעלות משם ומת-- פטור׃ שיסה בו את הכלב, שיסה בו את הנחש-- פטור׃ השיך בו את הנחש-- רבי יהודה מחייב, וחכמים פוטרין׃ המכה את חברו בין באבן בין באגרוף, ואמדוהו למיתה, והקל ממה שהיה, לאחר מכן הכביד ומת-- רבי נחמיה פוטר; וחכמים מחייבין, שרגליים לדבר

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