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פרק ד משנה ו
כמעשהו בחל As it [the arava rite] was done on weekdays
כך מעשהו בשבת so it was done on shabbos
אלא שהיו מלקטין אותן except that they would gather them
מערב שבת before shabbos
ומניחים אותן and place them
בגיגיות של זהב in golden tubs
כדי שלא יכמשו so that they would not wilt.
רבי יוחנן בן ברוקה אומר Rebbi Yochanan ben Broka said
חריות של דקל date palm branches (as opposed to willow branches)
היו מביאין they would bring
 וחובטים אותן בקרקע and beat them into the ground
בצדי המזבח next to the altar
ואותו היום and that day
נקרא יום חיבוט חריות was called the day of the beating of the branches.
פרק ד משנה ז

Note:  There are two completely different ways of learning this mishnah, as indicate below.

פירוש רע"ב   פירוש רש"י
Immediately [after the completion of the mitzvos on Hoshana Rabba] מיד From the hands of
the children התינוקות the children
would loosen שומטין

they [the adults] would grab

their lulavs [from their bundles to play with them] את לולביהן their [the children's] lulavs
and would eat ואוכלין and would eat
their esrogs. אתרוגיהן their esrogs.


משנה ז

According to רש"י and the others who read the mishna as he does, because this was an accepted custom it was not considered stealing from these children.


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לע"נ גננדיל בת משה

לע"נ פרץ בן מנחם מאניש