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פרק ד משנה י
כמעשהו בחול   As [the water libation] it was done on weekdays
כך מעשהו בשבת So it was done on Shabbos
אלא except
שהיה ממלא מערב שבת that there was filled [with water] before shabbos
חבית של זהב a gold barrel
שאינה מקדשת that was not consecrated
מן השלוח

from the Shiloach [the spring used as the source of water]

ומניחה בלשכה and it was placed in a chamber;
 נשפכה או נתגלתה if it was spilled out or left uncovered
היה ממלא מן הכיור it [the pitcher for the libation] would be filled from the Kiyor
שהיין והמים המגלין as wine or water left uncovered [overnight]
פסולים לגבי המזבח are ineligible for use on the altar.
פרק ה משנה א
החליל חמשה וששה  The flute that was played for five or six [days, as referred to in the earlier mishna],
זהו החליל של בית השאובה this is flute of the Beis HaShoeva (lit. House of the Water Drawing)
שאינו דוחה  which does not override
לא את השבת ולא את יום טוב neither shabbos nor yom tov.
אמרו They said:
כל מי שלא ראה "whoever did not see
שמחת בית השאובה the celebration of the Beis HaShoeva
לא ראה שמחה מימיו did not see celebration in his day."


משנה י

שאינה מקודשת- Anything left in a כלי שרת would assume קדושת הגוף, and after sitting in the barrel overnight would be ineligible for use after sitting overnight due to the rule of לינה.

ממלא מן הכיור - Even though this was a כלי שרת, there would be no לינה as it was stored overnight in a well.

משנה א

החליל - This actually refers to all the musical instruments used; the flute was merely the most distinctive.



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