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פרק ג משנה ג
ערבה גזולה ויבשה   A stolen or dry aravah
פסולה is invalid
של אשרה [an aravah] from an asheira (a tree that had been worshipped as an avoda zara)
ושל עיר הנדחת or from a city that had been led astray (to worship an avoda zara)
פסולה is invalid;
נקטם ראשה if its head had been snapped off
נפרצו עליה or its leaves are broken
והצפצפה  or it is a tzaftzefah [a tree similar to the aravah but its stem is white and its leaves are round and have serated edges]
פסולה are invalid;
כמושה if it is withered
ושנשרו מקצת עליה or some of its leaves have fallen off
ושל בעל   or it is from a [tree that grew in a] field
כשרה it is valid
פרק ג משנה ד
רבי ישמעאל אומר  Rebbi Yishmael said [the mitzvah of the four species is done with]
שלשה הדסים three hadasim
ושתי ערבות two aravas
לולב אחד one lulav
ואתרוג אחד and one esrog;
אפילו שנים קטומים even if two [of the hadasim's heads] are broken off
ואחד אינו קטום and one is not [one can fulfill the mitzvah with them];
רבי טרפון אומר Rebbi Tarfon said
אפילו שלשתן קטומים even if all three are broken off [one can fulfill the mitzvah with them];
רבי עקיבה אומר Rebbi Akiva said
כשם שלולב אחד just as [we only use] one lulav
ואתרוג אחד and one esrog

 כך הדס אחד

so too [we use only] one hadas

וערבה אחת

and one aravah.


משנה ג

של אשרה ושל עיר הנדחת -  Because these would have been condemned to be burned, they are considered to have already been burned, and so are considered to lack the requisite  שיעור.

ושל בעל - Even though the פסוק calls for ערבי נחל, we say that merely identifies the species, and not where it was actually grown.

משנה ד

אפילו שנים קטומים - The גמרא asks how he can hold this way; either, as he said, one needs three hadasim, and so even if one is broken he cannot use them, or else (as רבי טרפון holds) broken hadasim are still valid.  The גמרא answers that רבי ישמאל retracted his earlier requirement for three hadasim, and only requires one kosher hadas.



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