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If flesh was found in the Temple Court [and it was cut up in] limbs, [it must be treated as belonging to] burnt-offerings; [but if cut up in ordinary] pieces [it must be treated as belonging to] sin-offerings. [If flesh was found] in Jerusalem [it must be treated as belonging to] peace-offerings. In either case it must be left to become disfigured and must then be taken away to the place of burning. If found within the borders [and it was cut up in] limbs, [it must be treated as] carrion; [but if cut up in ordinary] pieces, it is fit for [food] but [if found] during the season of festivals, when flesh is abundant, it is fit for [food] even when cut up in limbs.   שקלים 7.3
בשר שנמצא בעזרה-- אברים, עולות; וחתיכות, חטאות׃ ובירושלים, זבחי שלמים׃ זה וזה, תעבור צורתו וייצא לבית השריפה׃ נמצא בגבולים-- אברים, נבילות; וחתיכות, מותרות; ובשעת הרגל שהבשר מרובה, אף אברים מותרות
If cattle was found in Jerusalem as far as Migdal Eder, and within a like distance on any side [of Jerusalem], males [must be considered as being] burnt-offerings, but females must be considered as] peace-offerings. R. Judah says: if they were fit for the Passover-offering, [they must be considered as] Passover-offerings [when found] within thirty days before the feast [of Passover].   שקלים 7.4
בהמה שנמצאת מירושלים ועד מגדל עדר, וכמידתה לכל רוח-- זכרים, עולות; ונקבות, זבחי שלמים׃ רבי יהודה אומר, הראוי לפסחים-- פסחים, קודם לרגל שלושים יום

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לע"נ גננדיל בת משה