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Mishnah Parah 12:8: A jug of chatat [waters] whose outsides became impure, its inside [subsequently] becomes impure, and it renders its fellow [jug] impure, and its fellow [renders impure] its fellow, even of there are a hundred of them. The bell and the clapper are [considered] joined [for purity purposes and for sprinkling, and thus if one becomes impure so does the other, and sprinkling on one purifies the other]. A spindle for ruban [a kind of reed, used for weaving mats], one [who wishes to purify the spindle] should not sprinkle [only] on the rod or on the weight; and if one sprinkled [on one of them], it is a [valid] sprinkling [and the entire spindle is rendered pure]. A [spindle] for flax, [the parts are considered] joined. The leather [lining] of a cradle that is attached to its buttons, is [considered] joined. The frame [of a bed] is not [considered] joined, neither for impurity nor for purity. All the drilled handles of vessels [i.e. hollowed out handles, where part of the vessel sticks into them] are [considered] joined. Rabbi Yochanan ben Nuri says: even the inserted [i.e. the handles which are themselves pointed and are stuck into a hole in the vessel, they too are considered joined, according to Rabbi Yochanan ben Nuri].

לָגִין שֶׁל חַטָּאת שֶׁנִּטְמְאוּ אֲחוֹרָיו, נִטְמָא תוֹכוֹ, וּמְטַמֵּא אֶת חֲבֵרוֹ, וַחֲבֵרוֹ אֶת חֲבֵרוֹ, אֲפִלּוּ הֵן מֵאָה. הַזּוֹג וְהָעִנְבָּל, חִבּוּר. כּוּשׁ שֶׁל רוֹבָן, לֹא יַזֶּה לֹא עַל הַכּוּשׁ וְלֹא עַל הַפִּיקָה. וְאִם הִזָּה, מֻזֶּה. שֶׁל פִּשְׁתָּן, חִבּוּר. עוֹר שֶׁל עֲרִיסָה שֶׁהוּא מְחֻבָּר לַפִּיקוֹת, חִבּוּר. הַמַּלְבֵּן, אֵינוֹ חִבּוּר לֹא לְטֻמְאָה וְלֹא לְטָהֳרָה. כָּל יְדוֹת הַכֵּלִים הַקְּדוּחוֹת, חִבּוּר. רַבִּי יוֹחָנָן בֶּן נוּרִי אוֹמֵר, אַף הַחֲרוּקוֹת:

Mishnah Parah 12:9: The baskets of a pack saddle, a threshing couch, the corner of a coffin, travelers' [water] horns, a key chain, the stitches of launderers [who would stitch together pieces of clothing for washing, to prevent them from separating], and a piece of clothing sown together with Kilayim, [these are all considered] joined for impurity, but not joined for sprinkling.

הַסַּלִּים שֶׁבַּקַּנְתָּל, וְהַמִּטָּה שֶׁל טַרְבָּל, וְקֶרֶן שֶׁל כְּלִיבָה, וּקְרָנִין שֶׁל יוֹצְאֵי דְרָכִים, וְשַׁלְשֶׁלֶת הַמַּפְתְּחוֹת, וּשְׁלַל הַכּוֹבְסִים, וְהַבֶּגֶד שֶׁהוּא תָפוּר בְּכִלְאַיִם, חִבּוּר לַטֻּמְאָה וְאֵינוֹ חִבּוּר לַהַזָּיָה:

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