Audio by Rabbi Avrohom Zucker

Peah 5:3: One may not use an irrigating wheel [before the poor have collected Leket]- [these are] the words of Rabbi Meir; the Sages permit it, because it is possible [to irrigate without damaging the Leket].

אין מגלגלין בטופח דברי ר' מאיר וחכמים מתירין מפני שאפשר:

Peah 5:4 :If a property owner was passing from one place to another place, and needs to take Leket, Shikhechah [individual sheaves, forgotten in the field, which must be left for the poor to collect], or Peah [corner of the field which, while harvesting, must be left for the poor] or Ma'aser Sheni [The second tithe of produce, which must be taken to Jerusalem and consumed there] he may take and when he returns to his house pay [for them] - [these are] the words of Rabbi Eliezer; the Sages say: He was poor at that time. 5

בעל הבית שהיה עובר ממקום למקום וצריך ליטול לקט שכחה ופאה ומעשר עני יטול. וכשיחזור לביתו ישלם. דברי ר' אליעזר. וחכמים אומרים עני היה באותה שעה:

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