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Peah 3:6 Rabbi Eliezer says: Land [the size of a] beit rova [the quarter measurement] is obligated in Peah; Rabbi Yehoshua says: That [amount of land] which produces two Seah [a specific unit of volume]; Rabbi Tarfon says: Six [hand-breadths] by six hand-breadths. Rabbi Yehudah ben Beteirah says: [The size that would be needed] in order to harvest and repeat, and the law is according to his words. Rabbi Akiva says: Any size of land is obligated in Peah, and in Bikurim [First-fruits that must be brought to the Temple and given to the priest], and a Pruzbul [legal arrangement which avoids the mandatory Sabbatical year cancellation of personal debts by deeding them to the court, and being subsequently appointed their agent for collection] may be written against it, and movable property are acquired along with it by means of money, contract, or chazakah [action taken upon a property to formalize its legal acquisition].

רבי אליעזר אומר קרקע בית רובע חייבת בפאה. רבי יהושע אומר העושה סאתים. ר' טרפון אומר ששה על ששה טפחים. רבי יהודה בן בתירה אומר כדי לקצור ולשנות. והלכה כדבריו. ר' עקיבא אומר קרקע כל שהוא חייבת בפאה ובבכורים. ולכתוב עליו פרוזבול ולקנות עמו נכסים שאין להם אחריות בכסף ובשטר ובחזקה:

Peah 3:7: If a dying man writes his property [to another]: if he leaves some land over [for himself], his gift is a gift; if he does not leave any land over, his gift is not a gift. If he writes his property to his children, and writes some land to his wife, she has lost her marriage contract [i.e.,, its lien on those properties]; Rabbi Yosi says: If she accepts [being included with the gift-recipients], even though he did not write it to her, she has lost her marriage contract.

הכותב נכסיו שכיב מרע שייר קרקע כל שהוא מתנתו מתנה לא שייר קרקע כל שהוא אין מתנתו מתנה. הכותב נכסיו לבניו וכתב לאשתו קרקע כל שהוא אבדה כתובתה. רבי יוסי אומר אם קבלה עליה אף על פי שלא כתב לה אבדה כתובתה:

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