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Mishnah Negaim 6:1: A Baheret [type of diseased patch that creates impurity] itself is [at minimum] like [the size of] a square Cilician bean. The area of a bean is nine lentils. The area of a lentil is [the area of] four hairs. Thirty-six hairs are [therefore] found [to make up a Baheret].

גּוּפָהּ שֶׁל בַּהֶרֶת, כַּגְּרִיס הַקִּלְקִי מְרֻבָּע. מְקוֹם הַגְּרִיס, תֵּשַׁע עֲדָשׁוֹת. מְקוֹם עֲדָשָׁה, אַרְבַּע שְׂעָרוֹת. נִמְצְאוּ שְׁלשִׁים וָשֵׁשׁ שְׂעָרוֹת:

Mishnah Negaim 6:2: A Baheret like [the size of] a bean with a patch of healthy skin in it like [the size of] a lentil, [if] the Baheret spread, it is [still] impure. [If] it diminished, it becomes pure. [If] the healthy patch of skin spread, it is [still] impure. [If] it diminished, it becomes pure.

בַּהֶרֶת כַּגְּרִיס וּבָהּ מִחְיָה כָעֲדָשָׁה, רָבְתָה הַבַּהֶרֶת, טְמֵאָה. נִתְמַעֲטָה, טְהוֹרָה. רָבְתָה הַמִּחְיָה, טְמֵאָה. נִתְמַעֲטָה, טְהוֹרָה:

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