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Mishnah Menachot 9:7: All of the offerings of community do not require the laying on of hands except the bull that is offered for [the transgression] of any of the commandments, and the scapegoat. Rabbi Shimon says: also the goats offered for [the transgression] of idol worship. All the offerings of an individual require the laying on of hands except the first-born, the cattle tithe, and the pesach. And an heir may lay his hands [on them], and he may bring the libations, and [if he wrongfully] substitutes [another animal for it, it is holy].

כל קרבנות הצבור אין בהם סמיכה, חוץ מן הפר הבא על כל המצות, ושעיר המשתלח. רבי שמעון אומר: אף שעירי עבודה זרה. כל קרבנות היחיד טעונים סמיכה, חוץ מן הבכור, והמעשר, והפסח. והיורש סומך, ומביא נסכים, וממיר.

Mishnah Menachot 9:8: All perform the laying on of hands except for a deaf-mute, a shoteh, a minor, a blind person, a non-Jew, a slave, an agent, and a woman. The laying on of hands - the last part of the commandment [of bringing the offering] - is on the head, and [is performed] with both hands, the place they would slaughter is where the hands are laid [upon the animal], and immediately after laying hands upon it they would slaughter it.

הכל סומכין, חוץ מחרש, שוטה, וקטן, סומא, ונכרי, והעבד, והשליח, והאשה. וסמיכה, שירי מצוה, על הראש, בשתי ידים. ובמקום שסומכין שוחטין, ותכף לסמיכה שחיטה.

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