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Mishnah Menachot 9:5: All the measures in the Temple were heaped except [that used for] the high priest's [grain offering] which included in itself the heaped amount. The overflow of the liquid-measures was holy, but the overflow of the dry-measures was not holy. Rabbi Akiva says: the liquid-measuring vessels were holy, therefore their overflow was holy too; the dry-measuring vessels were not holy, therefore their overflow was not holy. Rabbi Yose says: it is not because of this, but because liquids are stirred up and the dry measures are not.

כל המדות שהיו במקדש היו נגדשות, חוץ משל כהן גדול, שהיה גודשה לתוכה. מדות הלח ברוציהן קדש, ומדות היבש ברוציהן חל. רבי עקיבא אומר: מדות הלח קדש, לפיכך ברוציהן קדש, ומדות היבש חל, לפיכך ברוציהן חל. רבי יוסי אומר: לא משום זה, אלא שהלח נעכר, והיבש אינו נעכר.

Mishnah Menachot 9:6: All the offerings of the community and of the individual require libations except the first-born animal, the tithe of cattle, the pesach, the sin offering and the guilt offering; But the sin offering and the guilt offering of the metzora [One rendered severely impure from an unsightly skin disease. Upon recovery and purification, he must bring offerings.] do require libations.

כל קרבנות הצבור והיחיד טעונין נסכים, חוץ מן הבכור והמעשר והפסח והחטאת והאשם, אלא שחטאתו של מצורע ואשמו טעונין נסכים.

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